Navy finds water gel sticks in Pulmoddai beach area

A special search operation conducted by the Navy in the beach area of Jinnapuram, Pulmoddai on 05th April 2024, led to the recovery of 06 water gel sticks, which are used as commercial explosives, 01 safety fuse and 20 non electric detonators.

Sri Lanka Navy has been conducting regular operations to prevent illegal fishing practices conducted by a handful of people using explosives, disregarding its harmful repercussions on marine ecosystems.

In a similar operation, the naval establishment SLNS Ranweli in the Eastern Naval Command found this cache of explosives hidden in shrubs in the Jinnapuram beach vicinity. The 06 water gel sticks, 01 safety fuse and 20 non electric detonators were stuffed in a parcel, when found.

It is suspected that these explosive items have been hidden away with the intention of using them for blast fishing later. Meanwhile, the recovered cache of explosives were handed over to the Pulmoddai Police for onward legal action.