Navy comes to aid, safely transfers injured foreign national ashore for medical attention

In a display of swift response, the Sri Lanka Navy today (20th April 2024) stepped in to provide crucial assistance in transferring a foreign national who was injured while aboard the Merchant Vessel MARIMAN off the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The evacuation operation of the injured mariner was coordinated by the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Colombo, when requested by the Merchant Vessel. The patient was rushed for immediate medical attention, upon being brought him to the port of Hambantota by the Navy.

In an incident aboard MV MARIMAN en route from Indonesia to Mumbai, India, a crew member of foreign nationality suffered two cut injuries on his left hand. This prompted an urgent notification to the MRCC Colombo on the night of 19th April, on his critical condition.

Responding to the urgent situation, the Navy directed the Fast Attack Craft P 411 attached to the Southern Naval Command, to the designated sea area to bring the patient ashore. After transferring the patient from the ship to the naval craft, he was safely brought to the port of Hambantota today (20th April), whilst administering first aid. Subsequently, he was rushed to a private hospital in Matara for medical attention.

The Sri Lanka Navy in coordination with MRCC Colombo continues to exemplify its dedication and unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives within Sri Lanka's search and rescue jurisdiction, serving as a beacon of hope and security for seafarers and the fishing community.