Smuggled stock of agrochemicals held in Kalpitiya

A coordinated search operation by the Navy in the dark hours of 04th June 2024, supported by air surveillance from the Sri Lanka Air Force, resulted in the discovery of a cache of agrochemical suspected to have been smuggled into the country, in the beach area of Erambugodella, Ettalai, Kalpitiya.

The Sri Lanka Navy is vigilantly monitoring and conducting operations to curb illegal activities taking place in its sea and coastal territories.

As an extension of these efforts, the search operation was mounted by SLNS Vijaya in the Northwestern Naval Command in the Erambugodella beach vicinity. The search made way for the recovery of 31 suspicious sacks which had been stuffed with a cache of weedicide, insecticide and unauthorized agrochemicals.

The cache of chemicals has been kept in the safe custody of the Navy, until onward legal action gets underway.