Navy apprehends 52 persons engaged in illegal fishing

During a series of search operations conducted in Trincomalee from 04th to 06th June 2024, the Sri Lanka Navy apprehended 52 individuals for illegal fishing activities. The operations, which took place in various locations including the sea areas of Gopalpuram, Foul Point, Yan Oya Estuary of Pulmoddai, Lankapatuna, and Alampil in Mullaitivu, also led to the confiscation of 10 dinghies and unauthorized fishing gear.

The Sri Lanka Navy maintains a vigilant stance, actively engaging in operations to combat illegal fishing within its sea and coastal regions. This initiative aims to endorse and support legal fishing activities.

As an extension of these efforts, SLNS Vijayaba in the Eastern Naval Command apprehended 08 individuals and 01 dinghy for engaging in illegal fishing with unauthorized nets off Gopalpuram on 04th June. In the same vein, SLNS Perakumba nabbed 20 persons along with 04 dinghies for fishing using unauthorized nets in the sea area of Foul Point. Further, SLNS Ranweli during a search in the Yan Oya estuary, held 06 more individuals and 01 dinghy for their involvement in fishing with unauthorized nets.

On 05th June, SLNS Lankapatuna in the Eastern Naval Command apprehended 16 persons along with 02 dinghies, for using banned fishing nets for their fishing practices off Lankapatuna. Today (06th June) SLNS Gotabaya nabbed 02 more individuals with 02 dinghies, engaging in illegal fishing practices using unauthorized nets off Alampil. Accordingly, these operations conducted in the past couple of days resulted in the apprehension of 52 individuals and seizure of 10 dinghies and unauthorized fishing equipment.

The persons held in these operations were identified as residents of Nilaweli, Muthur, Poduwakattu and Puttalam areas, from 19 to 56 years of age. The persons along with the dinghies and unauthorized fishing gear were handed over to the Fisheries Inspectors of Trincomalee, Muthur and Kuchchaveli and Assistant Directorate of Fisheries – Mullaitivu for onward legal action.