Navy's relief operations continues in full swing

In the face of inclement weather, the Sri Lanka Navy dispatched relief teams to assist communities affected by floods. These teams (36) continued their relief efforts on 06th June 2024 across various affected regions. Further, the Sri Lanka Navy played a pivotal role in several critical repair and cleanup operations. The Navy repaired the oil boom at the Ambathale water treatment plant, sweeped away by heavy rains. Additionally, the Navy removed a large tree obstructing the Hettige canal in Kaduwela and cleared debris from the underside of the Wakwella bridge in Galle.

Following heavy rainfall, the Kelani river’s water level surged, causing the oil boom at the Ambatale water treatment plant to be swept away. In response to an urgent request from the Water Supply Board, the Navy swiftly deployed a diving team from the Western Naval Command. The team efficiently repaired and restored the oil boom, ensuring the continued operation of the treatment plant.

In coordination with the Disaster Management Center, the Sri Lanka Navy provided essential diving support to remove a large tree obstructing the Hettige Canal, Kaduwela near its bridge. This collaborative effort ensured the swift clearance of the blockage.

Following the rising water levels of the Gin river, the Sri Lanka Navy, in collaboration with the Irrigation Department, conducted an operation to clear debris trapped under the Wakwella Bridge in Galle. This initiative significantly reduced the flooding risk in the surrounding area.