Navy seizes stock of Kerala cannabis valued over Rs.109 million

Separate search operations conducted by the Navy on 13th June 2024 in the Kankesanthurai sea area and in the Thalayadi beach area of Jaffna with the Police Special Task Force (STF), led to the seizure of Kerala cannabis, weighing over 273kg.

During a search operation conducted by Fast Attack Craft P 421 in the Northern Naval Command in the wee hours of 13th June, a suspicious dinghy in the Kankesanthurai sea area was intercepted and 03 sacks of Kerala cannabis were recovered from them. The 60 parcels in the sacks weighed about 138kg and 110 g. Moreover, the dinghy and 03 persons aboard were also held in this operation.

Moreover, the Naval Deployment Veththalakerni and Naval Detachment Point Pedro in the Northern Naval Command conducted another search operation in the Thalayadi beach area with the assistance of Nelliadi Police STF on 13th June. During this search operation, the raiding party found 03 suspicious sacks abandoned in the Thalayadi beach area. Upon further search, they recovered 60 packages of Kerala cannabis weighing about 135kg, stuffed in the sacks.

The gross street value of Kerala cannabis seized in these operations is believed to be over Rs. 109 million.

The suspects held in Kankesanthurai are residents of Pesalai and Jafna from 21 to 54 years of age. The 03 suspects along with Kerala cannabis and the dinghy were handed over to the Kankesanthurai Police for onward legal action. Meanwhile, the stock of Kerala cannabis recovered in Thalayadi was handed over to the Maruthankerni Police Station for onward action.