SLNS Vijayabahu receives critical fisherman brought by ‘MV KOTA CAMIL’

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Colombo coordinated the retrieval of 02 critically ill fishermen on the multi-day fishing trawler “Devon 5”, through the merchant ship ‘MV KOTA CAMIL’ this morning (30th June 2024). However, one of the two fishermen has tragically lost his life, while aboard the merchant ship. The remaining fisherman was transferred to SLNS Vijayabahu this evening (30th June), about 170 nautical miles (314 km) off Dondra.

The Navy medical team aboard SLNS Vijayabahu is delivering emergency treatment to the critically ill fisherman. Additionally, SLNS Vijayabahu is en route to Shores, carrying the body of the other fisherman who tragically lost his life on 'MV KOTA CAMIL'.