More than 355kg of smuggled dried turmeric held

Separate search operations conducted by the Sri Lanka Navy and Coast Guard on the Periya Arichchal Island in the Kalpitiya Lagoon and off Pesalai, Mannar on 08th and 09th July 2024 led to the seizure of more than 355kg (wet weight) of smuggled dried turmeric. The search operations also made way to apprehend 02 suspects and confiscation of a fishing trawler

The Navy and Coast Guard remain ever alert and conduct patrols and search operations in the coastal areas of the island to prevent the influx of illegal items.

As an extension of these efforts, personnel from the Rapid Action Boat Squadron in the Northwestern Naval Command recovered 05 sacks of dried turmeric hidden away in shrubs on the Periya Arichchal Island on 08th July. The sacks of dried turmeric weighed about 262kg and 300g (wet weight)

Meanwhile, SLNS Gajaba in the North Central Naval Command, in coordination with the Coast Guard, conducted a search operation in the sea area of Pesalai today (09th July), where a fishing trawler was searched on suspicion. The search resulted in the seizure of about 93kg (wet weight) of dried turmeric, the trawler used for this illegal act and apprehension of 02 suspects aboard.

The suspects held in the Pesalai sea area were identified as residents of Mannar, aged 40 and 52.

The stock of dried turmeric (262kg and 300g) seized on the Periya Arichchal Island has been kept in the custody of the Navy until onward legal action gets under way. Meanwhile, 93kg of dried turmeric seized in the Pesalai sea area was handed over to the Pesalai Police for onward legal proceedings.