Navy boxers shine at BASL Intermediate Boxing Meet 2022

The Intermediate Boxing Meet 2022, organized by Boxing Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) was held at Royal MAS Arena from 05th to 08th October 2022. The Navy boxers showcased note worthy performances through the tournament by winning 02 gold medals, 02 silver medals and 03 bronze medals.

At this major boxing meet, the Navy was represented by 15 boxers under 06 weight classes. Exhibiting some stellar performances, Leading Seaman PSP Deshapriya who competed under 80kg weight class and Leading Communicator, MGPKP Dayaratne who contested under 60kg weight class won gold medals.

Meanwhile, Able Seaman BHDC De Silva (under 92kg weight class) and Able Infantryman KMGG Chathuranga (under 51kg weight class) won silver medals. Further, Able Infantryman KMGG Chathuranga was also adjudged the Best Looser of the tournament.

In addition to these achievements, Able Infantryman SI Ranmal (under 51kg weight class), Able Seaman KH Navodya (under 54kg weight class) and Able Infantryman PMM Deepthiwardhana (under 67kg weight class) also bagged 03 bronze medals.

With constant support and guidance given by Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Nishantha Ulugetenne, as Chairman of Sri Lanka Navy Sports Board, Navy athletes have made a number of achievements in recent times, making use of thriving atmosphere in the Navy for sports.