Navy clinch National Wrestling Championship title for 20th consecutive time

The National Wrestling Championship, organised by the Wrestling Federation of Sri Lanka, was held at the indoor stadium of Torrington, Colombo on 18th and 19th February 2023. Exhibiting superlative performance in the tournament, the Navy men’s wrestling team clinched the championship title for the 20th consecutive time.

Around 300 wrestlers representing over 20 well-known sports clubs, including the armed forces and the Police, participated in the National Wrestling Championship this year under several weight classes. In an impressive display of strength and skill, the Sri Lanka Navy men’s wrestling team has emerged victorious in the National Wrestling Championship for the 20th time, bagging 05 gold medals, 02 silver medals and 03 bronze medals.

The Navy men’s team was represented by 10 wrestlers. Accordingly, Petty Officer EMG Kathurangana (57kg weight class), Leading Seaman SD Asanga (61kg weight class), Leading Seaman CD Fernando (65kg weight class), Able Seaman PSU Fernando (74kg weight class), and Leading Seaman EML Priyankara (92kg weight class) won gold medals for the Navy.

In addition, Leading Seaman BP Ratnayake (79kg weight class) and Able Seaman VA Sanjith (92kg weight class) won silver medals for the Navy. Moreover, Able Seaman PSU Fernando (61kg weight class), Recruit NN Samarakkodi (65kg weight class) and Recruit DRC Fernando (86kg weight class) also won bronze medals.

Further, 10 women wrestlers of the Sri Lanka Navy also competed in this year’s National Wrestling Championship. In women’s events, Woman Ordinary Seaman WSU Silva (62kg weight class) and Woman Able Seaman KVSD Kumarasinghe (68kg weight class) won gold medals. Moreover, Woman Able Seaman JMD Priyadarshani (53kg weight class) bagged a silver medal. Adding more medals to the tally, Woman Ordinary Seaman WDS Nimeshika (65kg weight class) and Woman Able Seaman WGLD Jayawardana (76kg weight class) won two bronze medals.