Navy wins BASL Novices Boxing Tournament

The Sri Lanka Navy boxing team emerged as the undisputed champions of the Novices Boxing Tournament 2023, organised by the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka (BASL). Throughout the tournament, the Navy boxers displayed remarkable agility, precision, and power in the ring and won 10 gold medals, 03 silver medals and 06 bronze medals.

The tournament was held at the Royal MAS Boxing Arena from 24th to 26th May 2023. Highly promising novice boxers from renowned boxing clubs in the country as well as 26 male and female boxers representing the Navy contested in this thrilling event.

Accordingly, Able Infantryman SI Ranmal (under 51kg), Able Seaman AS Priyankara (under 57kg), Able Seaman SGDS Bandara (under 60kg), Leading Infantryman PMM Deepthiwardana (under 63.5kg), Able Seaman JP Khaushalya (under 92kg) and Able Seaman PARL Vinod (over 92kg) won gold medals for the Navy. In addition, Woman Able Seaman AAK Kaveesha (under 48kg), Woman Able Seaman KMMJ Konara (under 50kg), Woman Able Seaman LRS Sasangi (under 60kg) and Woman Able Seaman HMHP Jayakodi (under 81kg) also won gold medals.

Moreover, Able Infantryman BOOKIC Prabath (under 54kg), Able Seaman HMSP Herath (under 75kg) and Able Seaman SMTDB Samarashekara (under 80kg) bagged silver medals. Further, Able Seaman WP Aravinda (under 48kg), Able Seaman BAU Bulathge (under 67kg), Recruit RMMK Rathnayaka (under 71kg), Woman Ordinary Seaman RMSS Rathnayaka (under 52kg), Woman Able Seaman RMYDB Menike (under 54kg) and Woman Ordinary Seaman KADAS Jayalath (under 57kg) won bronze medals.

In the meantime, Able Seaman AS Priyankara was adjudged the Best Boxer and Woman Able Seaman KMMJ Konara was nominated as the Best women Boxer of the BASL Novices Boxing Tournament. The tournament, where the Navy boxers displayed exceptional skill, determination, and sportsmanship, concluded with a resounding success.