Navy triumph in 12th Defence Services Wushu Championship

The 12th Defence Services Wushu Championship was held at the Commander Parakrama Samaraweera Memorial Indoor Sports Complex, Welisara on 04th and 05th July 2023. In a remarkable display of skill and determination, the Navy men's and women's teams emerged victorious in the Wushu Championship.

Contested in Gungshu, Nanquan and Taiji Jian events in Men’s Taolu, Petty Officer NK Premadasa, Able Seaman PMS Silva and Able Seaman DDTN Anuradha won gold medals. Meanwhile, the silver medal in Chang Quan event was won by Able Seaman NKCS Rathnasiri and the bronze medal in Taijiquan event was bagged by Sub Lieutenant AMOB Abeysinghe.

In men’s Sanda event under 52, 60, 70, 75 and 85kg weight classes, Leading Seaman GAM Chandika, Able Seaman PN Balawardena, Able Seaman KTATP Kumara, Leading Seaman ATS Rusiru and Leading Engineering Mechanic WRMT Madushanka won gold medals. In the same vein, Leading Seaman EMKR Priyankara, Leading Seaman SR Kumara, Chief Petty Officer LASD Amarasena, Leading Seaman WA Sameera and Able Seaman YMRL Senaviratne secured silver medals in 52, 56, 70, 80 and 85 weight classes. Competing in men’s Sanda 60 and 65kg weight classes, Petty Officer HKL Pushpakumara and Leading Physical Training Instructor KVGCR Weerasinghe won bronze medals.

Contested in Chang Quan and Nan Quan events in Women’s Taolu, Woman Ordinary Seaman GHP Wathsala and Woman Leading Seaman NI Udayangani won gold medals. The silver medal in Taiji Jian event was secured by Woman Leading Seaman RDSP Dissanayake. In addition, Woman Leading Seaman SVPR Dilhani, Woman Leading Seaman JS Priyadarshani, Woman Leading Seaman KVSD Kumarasinghe and Woman Leading Seaman AHAN Harshika won gold medals in 52, 60, 65 and 75kg weight classes of women’s Sanda event. Further, Woman Able Seaman MI Bulathsinghala, Woman Ordinary Seaman WMDS Wijesinghe, Woman Able Seaman JM Sandamali and Woman Able Seaman GS Pabodha also won silver medals in 52, 56, 70 and 75kg weight classes. Moreover, the bronze medals in 56, 65 and 70kg weight classes were secured by Woman Ordinary Seaman GLM Nethmini, Woman Able Seaman VLD Devindi and Woman Able Seaman JWN Madhuvanthi.

Displaying unparalleled agility, strength, and precision, the Navy Wushu athletes showcased their mastery and won the men’s and women’s championships of the tournament.

The Chief Guest of the final day of the tournament was Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy and Director General Operations, Rear Admiral Pradeep Rathnayake. A group of senior officers from the tri-services and other ranks were also present on this occasion.