Navy women's weightlifting team shares title at National Weightlifting Championship

The Navy women's weightlifting team clinched the co-championship title at the National Weightlifting Championship held from 27th to 30th December 2023 at the National Sports Complex, Gallalla in Polonnaruwa. In a thrilling display of strength and determination, Navy’s Woman Able Seaman BC Priyanthi went on to set three (03) national records in the tournament.

The National Weightlifting Championship, organised by the Sri Lanka Weightlifting Association, was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Sports. The competition drew top lifters from the tri-services and prominent weightlifting sports clubs. The Navy women's weightlifting team secured 03 gold medals, 02 silver medals, and 01 bronze medal, leading them to share the championship title with the Air Force women's weightlifting team. Meanwhile, the Navy men's weightlifting team earned 02 gold medals, 01 silver medal, and 02 bronze medals, securing the third position in the tournament.

Woman Ordinary Seaman JGUR Gunathilaka, Woman Able Seaman WCM Warnakulasuriya and Woman Able Seaman BC Priyanthi who competed under 45, 59 and 87 kg weight classes respectively won gold medals for the Navy. In the meantime, Woman Able Seaman BC Priyanthi dominated the competition in over 87kg weight class, setting 03 new national records in both snatch (90kg) and clean and jerk (113kg), while achieving the highest total weight (203kg).

Also, Woman Ordinary Seaman SS Kumarasinghe and Woman Ordinary Seaman DMHP Dissanayake who competed in the weight classes over 76 and 87kg respectively won silver medals, while Woman Ordinary Seaman HNK Fernando who competed in the 87kg weight class won a bronze medal.

In the men’s category, Ordinary Seaman DMIC Dissanayake and Ordinary Seaman WPGDC Jayawickrama who competed in the weight classes above 73 and 109kg respectively won gold medals. In addition, Leading Seaman EADKD Egodawatta, who competed in the 61kg weight class, won a silver medal and Ordinary LIMC Liyanarachchi and SDIU Senadheera, who competed in the 81 and 89kg weight classes respectively, won bronze medals.