Navy cyclist wins first place in Nittambuwa Elite Racing Cycling Tournament 2024

In a dazzling exhibition of speed and prowess, Navy’s Ordinary Seaman KPMP Delgoda on 28th January 2024 clinched the top spot in the Nittambuwa Elite Racing Cycling Tournament.

The tournament, which witnessed robust participation of athletes from cycling clubs, unfolded across a challenging 153km route, starting from Nittambuwa and weaving through Pasyala, Aththanagalla, Wathupitiwala, Veyangoda, Kalagedihena, and Thihariya. The Navy cyclist, Ordinary Seaman KPMP Delgoda crossed the finish line in a time of 03:02:08, seizing the coveted first place.

In addition, Ordinary Seaman HAM Radeeshan, Leading Engineering Mechanic ELMAB Abeyrathna, Able Seaman KVS Kumara, Leading Seaman HMDN Herath, Leading Infantryman MPRR Priyadrshana, Ordinary Seaman PDSP Chandika and Ordinary Seaman IKR Fernando also won the 05th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th places respectively.