Navy cyclists win men’s and women’s third places in Yakkala Cycling Tournament 2024

Sri Lanka Navy cyclists won third places in both men’s and women’s events in the Yakkala Cycling Tournament 2024. The tournament was held on 06th April 2024, covering the Yakkala area.

Several athletes from renowned cycling clubs in Sri Lanka competed in the tournament. In the men's cycle race that began in Yakkala, cyclists competed over a 148-kilometer route through several towns including Miriswatta, Batepola, Nelligahamulla, Tihariya, and Kalagedihena. The Sri Lanka Navy’s Ordinary Seaman PDSP Chandika finished the race in 3 hours, 22 minutes, and 48 seconds, securing third place in the tournament.

Commencing from Yakkala, the women’s event covered a distance of 58 kilometers through Miriswatta, Batepola and Nelligahamulla. Navy’s Woman Ordinary Seaman KASN Perera finished the race in 1 hour, 35 minutes, and 55 seconds, securing third place in the tournament.