Navy enables manpower to build new house for low-income family

Filled with overwhelming compassion towards less fortunate community, Sri Lanka Navy undertook another social responsibility initiative to build a complete house for a low-income family in Urumalai, Talaimannar. The occasion to transfer the ownership of the property to the family members was presided over by Commander North Central Naval Area on 17th August 2020.

The funds and resources for the construction of this house were furnished by Ms. Bhagya Weerawardena, a doctor from the Divisional Hospital Talaimannar, her kinsfolk and friends. Meanwhile, the Civil Engineering Department of North Central Naval Command enabled its skilled manpower for the construction work.

The event was also attended by Deputy Area Commander of North Central Naval Command, senior officers, the benefactor of this generous deed Ms. Bhagya Weerawardena and a group of naval personnel attached to the Command Civil Engineering Department.