Navy offers cruise for students and officials in Jaffna

Facilitating a cruise in northern waters, the Navy welcomed two hundred (200) Advanced Level students and a group of government officials in the Jaffna Peninsula onboard Navy’s whale watching craft in the last weekend.

Lending ear to the requests made by schools and government institutes in the area, the cruise onboard A 543 had been organized by the Navy and it was also joined by a group of teachers and parents of the students. During the tour, The visitors were acquainted with the marine ecosystem and were also made aware of the destruction caused to the marine environment by prohibited fishing methods.

On two previous occasions the Navy organized similar cruises for 161 and 169 Advanced Level students in the Jaffna Peninsula giving them a refreshing experience. All the tour arrangements had been organized following meticulous safety arrangements by the Navy. It also gave the visitors an insight into the marine resources of Sri Lankan territory and the significance of conserving them.