Commander Eastern Naval Area visits ICGS ‘Sujay’ and ‘Samudra Paheredar’

Commander Eastern Naval Area, meeting with the Commanding Officers of Indian Coast Guard Ships ‘Sujay’ and ‘Samudra Paheredar’ in Trincomalee, expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional cooperation rendered by them in averting a major environmental disaster by successfully dousing the fire onboard MT New Diamond.

The two Indian Coast Guard Ships ‘Sujay’ and ‘Samudra Paheredar’ rushed to the site of distressed oil tanker on 04th and 06th September and soon joined hands to augment the ongoing firefighting mission. As the two ships recently arrived at the Trincomalee harbour for replenishment, Commander Eastern Naval Area took time off to meet with the Commanding Officers and the crews of respective ships and was grateful for the all-out assistance of the Indian Coast Guard and its able crew members, during the entire operation at sea.

To signify the importance of this occasion, mementoes were also exchanged among the Commanding Officers of ICGS ‘Sujay’ and ‘Samudra Paheredar’ and Commander Eastern Naval Area.