13th anniversary of SLNS ‘Thakshila’ and SLNS ‘Mahasen’ celebrated on grand note

SLNS ‘Mahasen’ and SLNS ‘Thakshila’ in the Western Naval Command proudly celebrated their 13th anniversary, on 28th September 2020.

The anniversary celebrations had been organized on a grand note by the ship’s complements of both bases under the guidance of their Commanding Officers. Subsequently, the Commanding Officers of SLNS ‘Mahasen’ and SLNS ‘Thakshila’ made inspection of divisions in accordance with naval traditions and addressed their crew.

In conclusion of anniversary celebrations the traditional meal partaking known as ‘Barakana’ was held with the participation of officers and sailors of SLNS ‘Thakshila’ as well as SLNS ‘Mahasen’.