SLINEX - 20 conducted off the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka this time

The annual Sri Lanka Navy - Indian Navy bilateral naval exercise popularly known as ‘SLINEX’, held from 19th to 21st October 2020, came to a successful completion off the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka today (21st October).

In 08th edition of this naval exercise Sri Lanka Navy was represented by Sri Lanka Navy Ship (SLNS) ‘Gajabahu’ and ‘Sayura’ . Representing the Indian Navy, Indian Naval Ship (INS) Kamorta, INS Kiltan with onboard helicopters also played their intended roles, augmenting this bilateral exercise.

Meanwhile, SLINEX-2020 focused on enhancing inter-operability and exercising coordinated Maritime Interdiction Operations between both navies as well as to create a platform to share each other’s experiences for common good.

Apart from that, the exercise also demonstrated a wide array of naval exercises which included cross deck flying by Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) onboard INS Kiltan with SLNS Gajabahu, Search and Rescue (SAR) at sea, surface and anti-air exercises including weapon firing, seamanship evolutions as well as a range of manoeuvres by ships in formation.

Further, combined naval exercises of this nature would provide a plethora of opportunities to develop mutual understanding and exchange best practices and procedures for naval operations between both navies. Meanwhile, the entire exercise was carried out in a non-contact ‘at-sea-only’ atmosphere given the circumstances of COVID – 19 pandemic.