Christmas Message of Commander of the Navy

On the joyous occasion of Christmas which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, I am extending my greetings to all Christians, naval personnel and civil staff employees.

The spiritual teaching of all the religious leaders has delivered a virtuous message to the society and it is a precedent set not only for their followers but for the whole society.

The whole society has been transformed into a tranquil environment through Christmas themed on peace, coexistence, supreme humanity and benevolence. Peace-themed Christmas is therefore of paramount importance to all of us and personnel in a military setting where mutual friendship, coexistence, altruism and solidarity are highly valued.

Christianity has given us great examples of our existence at a time when we are entering an era where we need to focus on some of our good virtues that are being lost. It is in our religion that we were trained to be patient, even in today's pandemic situation.

Untamed thoughts and attitudes of humankind have contributed to the unrest in the world. Since an unruly man has become the architect of all the chain of evils that are emerging in the world, we should strive to bring about our mental development / discipline through any religion we believe in. Accordingly, the philosophical stream of thoughts of the Jesus Christ has been able to make a great difference in the creation of a disciplined man to accomplish the intentions of a military organization.

Surrounded by such good stream of thoughts, we hope to find fruitful solutions to realise the objectives of an armed force, through the solid bond that we build with each other. Let us practise the teachings of the Jesus Christ to break free from the depressing mentality that goes rampant in the contemporary society.

Let the dawn of Christmas bring peace and happiness to you and your near and dear ones!