New Year message of Commander of the Navy

With the dawn of the New Year – 2021, as the Commander of the Navy, I am very pleased to wish all naval personnel and civil staff employees a Happy New Year that would enable you to realize all your good thoughts, aspirations and determination.

Even if the year 2020 has been a challenging year for all the Sri Lankans as well as the world as a whole, I am very pleased with the contribution, commitment, enthusiasm and ability you put into practice as individuals and as the Navy, to achieve the country’s aspirations, overpowering many obstacles.

New Year's goals are the standards for its existence in every field, and the growth of a country's existence will depend on how well the goals are achieved. Although we are unique in a different field, our aim is to ensure the security of the country that is emerging with the economic / social / cultural renaissance. As such, our contribution matters in the development of the state. Incidentally, this year we must strive to achieve our aspirations as a force, while improving our naval prowess, future plans and strategies, top management, knowledge of various fields and innovation. In the face of these new challenges, your commitment, effort, discipline, solidarity, coexistence, respect for seniority as well as the selfless leadership you build within will play a huge role. Against such backdrop, I urge you to step into this year 2021 with determination.

The leading role of a navy for an island nation is incalculable. We are even fortunate to be in this neck of the woods as servicemen who pledge to protect such a blessed island of great values. Therefore, we must be adept at performing our roles well at sea. In this backdrop, let us line up in the New Year for our duty to the country, with the noble aim of securing the nation from the threats that can be expected to befall us.

The contribution / obligation you make as a serviceman to the country should also be dedicated to the success of your personal life in the year 2021. Similarly, it is always possible to maintain a clear mind of working for the betterment of the country, to the extent that one's family - the tiniest unit in the society, is safe and healthy as well as comforting.

With the dawn of the New Year, I always look forward to your fresh ideas and attitudes towards the progress and success of the Navy. Finally, I wish you a Happy New Year 2021 in which you can achieve all your goals, appreciating mutual cooperation, camaraderie, understanding and peace.