Navy conducts disaster management training programme at Gintota

The Navy conducted a disaster management training programme in Gin Ganga at Gintota from 5th to 10th April 2021, with the aim of sharpening the skills when dealing with a possible flood situation.

Conducted in two phases by the Instructors of the Rapid, Response, Rescue and Relief Unit (4RU) of Navy’s Rapid Action Boat Squadron, the training programme provided theoretical and practical knowledge as to how life-saving techniques and equipment are used to rescue persons in distress as well as administration of first aid in such circumstances. Apart from that, the programme was also focused on making the participants thorough with small boat handling and swimming techniques.

The training programme conducted following the directives of Commander Southern Naval Area, Rear Admiral Priyantha Perera was participated by a group of 63, comprising naval personnel representing each establishment in the command, personnel of the Army attached to Disaster Management Center in Galle and Police personnel from the Police Division of Galle.