Message of Commander of the Navy on the dawn of Sinhala & Hindu New Year

At the dawn of this Sinhala and Hindu New Year, I together with my family, wish all officers, sailors, civil staff employees and their family members a Happy New Year filled with peace, happiness and prosperity.

On this special day, I respectfully recall all the war veterans who made the supreme sacrifice and those were disabled in the battle for the preservation of sovereignty and territorial integrity of our motherland, being true contributors of peace that we all enjoy today. By the same token, I would like to humbly remember the family members as well as the near and dear ones of those war veterans on this occasion.

I must also place on record my sincere appreciation to all naval personnel who did not have the opportunity to celebrate this New Year with their loved ones due to official commitments and I do have the highest regard for the sacrifices made by their family members.

I also wish a speedy recovery to those who are still being treated for contracting COVID -19, the pandemic which is widespread across the world.

I wish all the best for the future aspirations of all naval personnel, civil staff employees and everyone in your families. May the blessings of the noble Triple Gem shower upon you and I wish you continued protection of all the gods you believe in.

Let us all continue to commit ourselves to build a strong and a professional Navy in every respect.