JMSDF Ships arrive in Colombo on official visit

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) ships named KAGA – a multi-purpose operation destroyer and destroyer MURASAME arrived at the port of Colombo on an official visit today (02nd October 2021). Upon their arrival, the visiting ships were welcomed by Sri Lanka Navy in accordance with naval traditions.

KAGA is a 248m platform manned by a crew of 210 under Captain Nishida Satoshi, its Commanding Officer. MURASAME is a 151m long ship with 200 crew members. The ship is commanded by Captain Kashiwagi Yuichirou. These ships which arrived in Colombo from Australia are scheduled to take part in a joint naval exercise ‘JA- LAN EX’ with the Sri Lanka Navy during this visit and set sail on 04th October.

All the proceedings relating to the visit of the JMSDF ships are scheduled to be conducted adhering to COVID-19 protocols due to pandemic concerns.