New Year message of Commander of the Navy

As we usher the New Year 2022 with fresh expectations, I, as Commander of the Navy, am very pleased to wish all naval personnel, civil staff employees and their family members a Happy New Year, that would enable you to realize all your good thoughts and aspirations.

With the down of the New Year, everyone is ambitious to take a fresh start in their journey. In our pursuit of success, one needs to have self-confidence above all, to take any challenge head on. It was nothing but self-confidence which played a decisive role for the success or the failure of people in this world. In this New Year, I urge you to count on your self-confidence as it will be the cornerstone for the success you make wherever you are.

You have to come to some conclusion about how successful you have been in achieving last year’s goals. Self-assessment will also made way for you to reach higher strata in personal and naval career. As a naval person and as an individual with a personal life behind, you can be satisfied reminiscing the extent to which you have fulfilled your responsibilities to each. If we are wise enough to see life as a fulfilment of duties and responsibilities in one sense, we will not fail to achieve many successes in every aspect of life. You can make yourself and your close circle better and more attractive by fulfilling your duties and responsibilities of your family, at work as well as maintaining a level of physical and mental health for yourself and making the right decisions for yourself at the right time.

I urge you to use the physical and mental strength you have built up for the betterment of the Navy. At the same time, I tell you to make the best of your potential to win the world through innovations that can be brought forward using unique talents and thinking skills that exist within each other. I remind you that it is your responsibility to steer the Navy on a path for success through many possibilities you have.

I invite you to start your journey with steadfast confidence and unwavering determination and enjoy victory at the successful end.