Five (05) sail training boats of Indian Navy provide sailing exposure to SLN personnel

Five (05) sailing boats of the Indian Navy arrived at the port of Trincomalee on 10th March 2022. Providing sail training experience to the officer under trainees of the Sri Lanka Navy, those sailing boats arrived at the port of Colombo today (16th March).

The ‘Van de stadt Tonga 56’ and ‘LC Class 40’ sailing boats - INSV Mhadei, INSV Tarini, INSV Bulbul, INSV Kadalpura and INSV Hariyal arrived in Trincomalee with a crew of 30 and remained in the port city on the east coast of Sri Lanka for 03 days, engaging in training programmes. Subsequently, they sailed for Colombo with 11 officer under trainees, 02 lady midshipmen and 01 officer instructor of the Sri Lanka Navy, on 13th March.

Through this training engagement, it was expected to promote naval ties between two countries and enhance best practices and procedures beneficial to prospective naval officers.

On completion of the training programmes, the sailing boats of the Indian Navy are scheduled to depart the island on 19th March. Meanwhile, all proceedings relating to the visit of these sailing boats will be conducted adhering to COVID-19 protocols.