‘Kalu Paraviyo’ the latest addition to military literature presented to Commander of the Navy

The military autobiography - ‘Kalu Paraviyo’ authored by Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO) MGAP Madadeniya XS 38801 was launched at the Admiral Somathilake Dissanayake Auditorium, Navy Headquarters on 26th May 2022. The publication is an account of memorable experience and grim time the author spent in LTTE captivity, during the Humanitarian Operation. Meanwhile, a copy of the book was presented to Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Nishantha Ulugetenne at the Navy Headquarters.

During the past 13 years since the culmination of Humanitarian Operation, several books have been published by various authors nurturing the military literature of the country, based on their personal experience. Wading through these books, budding military personnel could gain an insight into the unique incidents in the war history of the country.

Sri Lanka Navy was tasked with maintaining sea line of communication between war ravaged North and Eastern port of Trincomalee as land routes had been made unusable due to terrorist activities. As such, sea transportation of the civilian population in the North, delivering essential goods, transferring troops to conflict areas in the North and patrolling the Northern and Eastern waters were some of the responsibilities shouldered by the Navy, with the Eelam War IV broke out in 2006. To this effect, valiant naval personnel of the 04th Fast Attack Flotilla made enormous sacrifices performing their bounden duty in the Northern and Eastern waters, overcoming the suicide boat threat of LTTE Sea Tigers. Their praiseworthy contribution made way for the culmination of the Humanitarian Operation in a winning note in 2009.

A special operation that took place on 09th November 2006 was the background story to ‘Kalu Paraviyo’. As the history reveals, the Greene Ocean passenger carrier with essential supplies and 300 civilians and unarmed troops returning from leave were heading the Kankasanthurei from Trincomalee. Off the Kankasanthurei harbour, it was observed that LTTE attack craft were approaching towards sea convoy and targeting the passenger carrier. Responding swiftly to the development, SLN Fast Attack Craft P 416 which escorted the ship together with P 461 that rushed to the scene for assistance engaged promptly with enemy craft. After dealing heavy blow on enemy craft the SLN units managed to mount guard over Greene Ocean, yet both P 416, due to suicide craft attack, and P 461 as a result of enemy fire, sank with 22 heroic naval personnel including 04 officers. The LTTE held 03 sailors from the P 461 and 01 sailor from the P 416, who rescued life in the operation.

Based on the difficult period of 02 years and 06 months the sailors spent in LTTE captivity, until the end of the Humanitarian Operation, MCPO MGAP Madadeniya found the plot for his story.

The autobiography vividly portrays an assortment of human emotions as well wide-ranging skills possessed by a heroic son of the nation, to the readers as a self-written account of MCPO MGAP Madadeniya.

The book of ‘Kalu Paraviyo’ by MCPO MGAP Madadeniya has made way for naval personnel to become acquainted with another chapter of combat history and feel a collection of terrifying, thrilling and intriguing first hand experiences of a sea battle through a piece of writing.

Chief of Staff of the Navy, Rear Admiral YN Jayarathne, Director General Operations, Rear Admiral Prasanna Mahawithana, Naval Assistant to Commander of the Navy, Rear Admiral Sujeewa Senavirathna, a group of senior officers from the Navy Headquarters and family members of MCPO MGAP Madadeniya were present on the occasion of the launching of book at the Admiral Somathilake Dissanayake Auditorium.