The Nautical Institute's Sri Lanka branch celebrates 30th Anniversary

The Nautical Institute’s Sri Lanka Branch - the only maritime organization in Sri Lanka which has the combined strength and expertise of the Sri Lanka Navy and the Merchant Navy marks its 30 years of existence in 2022, coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of Nautical Institute (NI) United Kingdom.

The NI Sri Lanka branch was established on 20th October 1992, with the objective of encouraging and promoting a high standard of qualification, competence, and knowledge among all mariners. The branch continues to pursue its objective by conducting regular seminars with topics brought up by the members to educate the maritime industry.

The Sri Lanka branch will mark this milestone by hosting a series of events, looking forward to the next 20 years. These include the 30th Annual General Meeting, Branch Annual Awards Ceremony, the Youth Forum activities followed by Fellowship and Lunch at the OPA premises Colombo 07, on Saturday 18th June 2022 and the listed Members of the Nautical Institute Sri Lanka Branch are invited to attend the event.

The Nautical Institute is a UK based non-governmental organization with consultative status in the International Maritime Organization. The aim of NI is to promote professionalism, best practices, and safety, throughout the maritime industry and to represent the interests of its members. It is a thriving membership organization, open to all those with a professional interest in the control of sea-going ships and other maritime matters.

NI Sri Lanka branch calls mariners to join in shaping the next 20 years by exploring ways to work together, sharing ideas and best practice to enable better leadership through professional development in the maritime sector. Looking at ensuring a steady growth in membership, the Youth Forum was recently launched to transfer practical seagoing and legal knowledge to all seafarers. Persons having seafaring interests, and under 35 years of age are eligible to join Youth Forum free of charge.