PNS ‘Taimur’ departs island after successful Passage Exercise

Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) ‘Taimur’ which arrived at the port of Colombo on an official visit on 12th August 2022, set sail from the island after successful conduct of a Passage Exercise with Sri Lanka Navy Ship (SLNS) ‘Sindurala’ today (15th August).

Sri Lanka Navy bade customary farewell to the departing ship in accordance with naval traditions at the port of Colombo. Subsequently, PNS ‘Taimur’ conducted the Passage Exercise with SLNS ‘Sindurala’ off Colombo harbour, on her departure. As such, the two ships conducted maneuvering and Search and Rescue exercises off Colombo harbour.

Exercise of this nature will pave the way for regional partners to enhance interoperability, partnerships and goodwill as well as exchange best practices with foreign navies when responding to common maritime challenges.