Media Announcement

Declaration of General Amnesty to armed-service absentees to obtain official discharge from 15th November to 31st December 2022

Official discharge of naval personnel who are absent without leave prior 25th October 2022 will be considered, after they report to the nearest naval establishment, within the aforementioned period.

Under the aforesaid period of General Amnesty, naval personnel who remain overseas being absent without leave, are also entitled for their official discharge from service, without being reported.

Those naval personnel who are away from the country and absent without leave prior 25th October 2022, with no other disciplinary issues and have left the country through legal avenues using own legal passport will be eligible to apply for their official discharge from service.

Accordingly, applying officers via and sailors via shall submit following details during the period of General Amnesty.

a. Name, Rank/Rate, official number

b. Date of desertion

c. Scanned copy of biometric page of the passport

d. Scanned copy of alteration and observations page

e. Scanned copies of past and present VISAs

f. Scanned copies of emigration stamps

g. Contact details of locally based representative

Discharge will be considered after above information is verified, having coordinated with respective agencies.