Accommodation facilities of junior sailors expanded at Naval Dockyard, Trincomalee

Deputy Chief of Staff and Commander Eastern Naval Area, Rear Admiral Jayantha Kularatne declared open a new Junior Sailors’ Mess at the Nicholson Cove in the Naval Dockyard, Trincomalee on 21st December 2022.

Fulfilling a long-felt requirement, the new facility was put up at the pier side of Nicholson Cove, for the benefit of junior sailors who are serving on-board ships and craft berthed at Nicholson Cove Pier. The Command Civil Engineering Department enabled its industrial expertise and manpower to expedite the construction work that got under way in January 2022.

With the availability of new facility close to the Nicholson Cove Pier, the Navy will be able to deploy its men attached to ships and craft berthed there more efficiently in the future.