Navy official website takes top honours in ‘ 2023’

The official website of Sri Lanka Navy ( has won the gold award in the Government Category in the ‘ 2023’ - Sri Lanka's only website evaluation competition, hosted by LK Domain Registry. In an impressive display of digital prowess, the Navy’s official website has also won the bronze award from over 750 websites contested in the Overall Category.

The technical achievement and creativity of the websites had been mainly taken into account by a panel of judges after recognizing the websites that contested at 2023.

Accordingly, factors such as; completeness, convenience of navigation, standards, performance, website design, page design, quantity and quality of content, level of interaction with users, privacy / security and copyright violations were considered when awarding the gold award to the Navy’s official website, from 23 websites in the Government Category.

At the same time, the Navy earned the bronze award in the Overall Category, where more than 750 websites competed. This accomplishment is a remarkable milestone for Sri Lanka Navy's official website in the competition's history.

As the Navy's website celebrates its triumph in the 'Best Web' competition, it is poised to continue inspiring excellence and innovation in the realm of digital communication.