Commander of the Navy visits Northwestern Naval Command

The Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera undertook a formal visit to the Northwestern Naval Command on the 09th and 10th of September 2023. This visit encompassed a comprehensive overview of operational matters, developmental initiatives, and welfare projects underway within the command.

The visit commenced on the 09th of September, where the Commander of the Navy inspected SLNS Vijaya in Kalpitiya and Naval Detachments belonging to SLNS Vijaya. The Commander of the Navy was accompanied by Rear Admiral Nishantha Peiris, Commander Northwestern Naval Area, along with a group of senior officers from both Navy Headquarters and the Northwestern Naval Command. To begin with, the Navy Chief visited Naval Detachments of Anawasala and Uchchamuniya under SLNS Vijaya before inaugurating a newly constructed administrative and accommodation building, a facility designed to streamline administrative tasks and enhance the well-being of naval personnel at SLNS Vijaya. Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera took a moment to commend the dedicated naval personnel who contributed to the construction. Following this, the Commander of the Navy provided directives on security, welfare, and operational matters at SLNS Vijaya before proceeding to the Rapid Action Boat Squadron Headquarters in Gangewadiya for an inspection.

On the 10th of September, the Commander of the Navy arrived at the Naval Detachment Baththalangunduwa, which operates under the administrative purview of SLNS Vijaya. Here, he engaged in discussions about the security responsibilities and welfare amenities provided to naval personnel stationed there. The visit continued with an inspection of SLNS Therapuththa in Silawathura, including the Naval Detachment Arippu and the Coastal Observation Points managed by SLNS Therapuththa. This was followed by a visit to SLNS Barana and SLNS Thambapanni, where Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera emphasized the critical role naval establishments play in deterring illegal activities, particularly those conducted by smugglers via sea routes in North Western Naval Command.

As part of this formal visit, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera addressed the naval personnel of SLNS Barana and SLNS Therapuththa at SLNS Barana. He also met with the officers and sailors of SLNS Vijaya, SLNS Thambapanni, Naval Deployment Mahawa, and Rapid Action Boat Squadron at SLNS Thambapanni, reinforcing the Navy's commitment to its personnel and their invaluable contributions to national security.

During his address to the dedicated naval personnel of the Northwestern Naval Command, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera emphasized several crucial aspects. He acknowledged that the country is steadily recovering from economic challenges and urged naval personnel to manage their personal finances prudently. Stressing the paramount importance of commitment to naval duties, he reminded them of the stability provided by the Navy in terms of remuneration and welfare and cautioned against jeopardizing their situations by succumbing to scam job opportunities propagated through misleading social media campaigns. Furthermore, the Commander of the Navy underscored the gravity of absenteeism without leave and called for a change in attitude toward this issue. He highlighted the Navy's ongoing awareness programmes to address this concern and pointed out the multitude of welfare initiatives in place to ease the difficulties faced by naval personnel.

He also urged them to stay clear of drug addiction and drug smuggling as ways to alleviate financial hardships and encouraged the exploration of legitimate avenues for additional income generation, often with the support of family members. Finally, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera emphasized the Navy's extensive responsibilities both at sea and on land, emphasizing the need for mental well-being and a composed state of mind for fulfilling these duties with diligence and honour.

Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera also urged naval personnel to make the right decisions, even in the face of adversity, to preserve the Navy's goodwill and uphold their commitment to their duties with dignity and honour.

Director General Logistic Rear Admiral Chandana Rathnayake, Director General Civil Engineering Rear Admiral Hiran Balasuriya and a group of senior officers from the Navy Headquarters and Northwestern Naval Command were also present on this occasion.