Navy launches beach cleaning programmes to coincide with International Coastal Cleanup Day

Under the esteemed patronage of the Chief of Staff to the President and National Security Advisor, Mr. Sagala Ratnayaka, a beach cleaning programme unfolded at Port City Beach on 16th September 2023. This initiative which was conducted on the sidelines of the International Coastal Cleanup Day and the National Marine Resources Conservation Week was also participated by Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera.In a concerted effort to combat coastal pollution and preserve the natural beauty of shores, the Sri Lanka Navy orchestrated a series of beach cleaning programmes across all Naval Commands.

Expanding their efforts, the Sri Lanka Navy extended similar programmes to encompass all Naval Commands. The Western Naval Command diligently cleaned Crow Island and Galle Face beaches, while the Eastern Naval Command focused on the rejuvenation of Dutch Bay beach. Simultaneously, the North Central Naval Command took on the task of cleaning Urumale beach, and the Northwestern Naval Command turned its attention to the Hunesh Nagar to Karadakkuliya beach patch. These commendable endeavours saw the active involvement of not only top brass including the Commander of the Navy and Area Commanders, but also a dedicated group of naval personnel. Together, they worked tirelessly to rid the shores of copious amounts of plastic, polytene, and various other solid waste materials, safeguarding the allure of these coastal areas.

In concert with the National Marine Resources Conservation Week, the Sri Lanka Navy launched an extensive mangrove planting campaign spanning across all Naval Commands. Furthermore, the Navy has scheduled awareness programmes targeting the fishery communities. These initiatives aim to educate and advocate against the irresponsible disposal of plastic and polythene materials into beach environments.