Remembrance Day commemorated in dignified sequence

The solemn occasion of commemorating war veterans who paid the supreme sacrifice in World War I and II, as well as to the present day since Sri Lanka gained independence, fell today (11th November 2023). Accordingly, the Remembrance Day commemoration, held at the Navy Headquarters, was presided over by the Deputy Chief of Staff and Director General Operations of the Sri Lanka Navy, Rear Admiral Pradeep Rathnayake. In parallel, Remembrance Day commemoration ceremonies were also held at all Naval Commands with the presence of respective Area Commanders.

The Remembrance Day was originally adopted to honour the servicemen who sacrificed their lives during World War I and II. In Sri Lanka, the movement also signifies the supreme sacrifice made by the heroic servicemen in the defence of the Motherland with true spirit of patriotism, and is commemorated in the month of November each year.

Continuing the time-honoured military tradition, the Sri Lanka Navy held the Remembrance Day ceremony today at the Navy Headquarters in Colombo, under the patronage of the Deputy Chief of Staff and Director General Operations of the Sri Lanka Navy and with the attendance of officers and sailors from the Navy Headquarters and SLNS Parakrama.

In addition, Remembrance Day commemorative events have also been held in the Northern, Eastern, Western, North Central, Southeastern, Northwestern and Southern Naval Commands with the participation of respective Area Commanders and naval personnel from ships and establishments belonging to those commands.