IORA Day 2024 gets under way in Colombo

Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, the President and Commander - in - Chief of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka, as the Chief Guest, graced the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Day exhibition held at the Galle Face today (10th March 2024). The event was also attended by the Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Priyantha Perera. The theme for IORA Day 2024 is “A Sustainable Indian Ocean for Future Generations”.

Sri Lanka took over the Chairmanship of Indian Ocean Rim Association for the period 2023/2025. The IORA Day exhibition featured 06 stalls opened by the Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Coast Guard, focusing on educating and engaging future generations on the importance of ocean conservation and sustainable practices to preserve the oceans for the future.

Many individuals, including schoolchildren, showed great enthusiasm in visiting the exhibition stalls regarding plastic and polythene recycling, coral conservation, hydrography and diving which showcased the Navy's maritime activities as well as the booths allocated for recruitment and the Sri Lanka Coast Guard.

In addition, the Navy had organized a harbour cruise for approximately 700 schoolchildren from various parts of the island aboard Fast Passenger Craft A 543, allowing them to explore the sea around the Colombo Port City.

To add vibrancy to the event, the armed forces and police staged a variety of shows at Galle Face Green. The Navy parachute team also participated in a parachute show, adding to the spectacle. The event was further enriched by performances from the Navy Band and the Cultural Troupe.